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We share tips and tricks on and Linux and UNIX LINUX Veritas VMware ESXi Cloud Related Step by Step Guides

We started off on Jan 18, 2018, loaded with a strong willingness to share our real-world IT Infrastructure Management knowledge especially globally acceptable technologies adopted by most of the corporate sector companies.

Absolutely close to Linux System Administrators Roles and Responsibilities to help new and experienced professionals in System Administration fertility.

Our writers are industry experts who like to share their real-world corporate level experience with over two decades of experience in the field.

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We are intended to retain quality so we have some standard recommendations which we follow. Each request gets scrutinize based on the below parameters.

Sponsored Posts Guidelines

Below are our sponsored posts guidelines. We are sure that you and your business will get benefited to increase your visibility on the web.

  • Sponsored post must not include any such link which violates best common practices in the society like it should not promote any gambling, racism, sexism, etc and may have an adverse effect on our website.
  • Post must have a minimum of 500 words and can include a maximum of  3 no-follow links as per search engine like Google recommendations.
  • We reserve the right to edit your posts for any grammar, spelling, or formatting corrections that are needed.
  • Sponsored posts must include at least one high-resolution image or a video relevant to your topic. It must be having a license to use or of creative common licensed with proper attribution if needed.
  • If it is observed that any sponsored post violates copyright or any patent, we reserve the right to immediately remove it from our site.
  • Opinion in a sponsored post is solely the author’s responsibility and it must not represent RSY Digital World.

You must realize these are standard requirements to publish anywhere. We do not want to overcomplicate and make it difficult for you.

We do not encourage any bogus hypothetical commitment and always believe to develop long and sustainable everlasting relationships and trust.

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