gcp versus aws


GCP versus AWS

We are going to discuss GCP and AWS. We will try to come to a conclusion which one is best and our discussion will be on GCP versus AWS ie GCP Vs AWS.

What is GCP?

Google Cloud Platform is an abbreviate of GCP consists of physical servers, hard disk drives, and virtual resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), that are contained in Google’s data centers across the world.GCP is a public cloud offering from Google.GCP offers Google Cloud Storage.

Various regions are North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Every data center located in the regions and each region is a collection of zones, they are isolated from each other within the region.


Image source: GCP

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a secure cloud service provided by Amazon. AWS offers S3 Simple Storage Service. Amazon has been a market leader in providing cloud-based services with more options to explore.


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Main Difference between GCP Vs AWS

Parameter Billings Storage Data Transfer Volume Size
GCP PPS Billing Model Google Cloud Storage Fully Encrypted 1 GB – 64 TB
AWS PPS Billing Model Simple Storage Service – S3 General Format 500GB – 16 TB

GCP Vs AWS Price 

Cloud Services Price comparison is really tough and it depends on what application you are using those. All of them offer a different scheme for different application requirements discounts.

Google cloud is preferred for a long tenure in IT infrastructure requirements. GC offers tenure-based discounts to their client. Same as Web Hosting field you might have observed if you purchase hosting for three years you will get maximum discount from that vendor the same as in case of domain purchase as well so as GC. If you take a longer plan you will get the maximum discount.

PPS Billing Model
Both AWS and Google both follow on PPS Billing Model for Pay as you go solution. AWS works on the reservation model. You need to do reservations about your instance to get the best offers.

Market Share & Available Options

AWS has a major market share as compared to any in cloud area. AWS is well established as compared to any cloud vendor such as Google so they offer many products with more options available. 

Let us understand by example – For fully managed SQL solution, GC provides Managed MySQL solution and AWS provides options to use MariaDB, Aurora, Oracle & Microsoft SQL Server. So it provides wider options.

AWS definitely takes a lead on this.

Infrastructure Comparison

AWS also has excellent availability around the world as compared to GC. 16 AWS regions and each region have two or more availability zones. Each zone in a region has redundant and separate power, networking and connectivity to reduce the likelihood of two zones failing simultaneously which provides more robustness. AWS has 40 availability zones whereas GC has 12 regions and 30 availability zones only.

AWS still the best and market leader over the years and all trying to compete with AWS. All is kept evolving.

VM Instance Capacity

If you review larger instances of AWS and GC you will find GCP have 160 CPU and 3.75 TB RAM is having the largest instance with more CPU and memory as compared to AWS with 128 CPU and 4 TB RAM. GCP Takes lead here.

GC as you know also an exceptional brand they also have some specific advantage in terms of many preferred google services which might be really beneficial in some of the cases.

Also, AWS and GC both provide instances free for One year but the capacity of free instance provided by AWS wins the race as compared to GC with many free products during the trial as well. Please review their official sites for more details.

In this discussion of GCP versus AWS or GCP vs AWS, we draw a conclusion that it depends upon use case which cloud service to select for your requirement. Please review your requirements thoroughly and discuss with both and see who can offer the best for you without compromising the requirement and select based on your requirement. Find out which cloud is best suitable for you as you know your requirements better than anyone else.