How to check HBA speed in AIX

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How to check HBA speed in AIX

In this post, we are going to discuss how to check hba speed in aix. From the last decade with the rapid expansion of WWW and various devices came into use and they start generating a huge amount of data where the big data issue arose and it became difficult to process those.

That is a little bit off track from our current topic meaning is that disk space requirement has grown exponentially and it becomes almost mandatory for all the systems to have access to the huge amount of storage and so storage technologies also evolved rapidly to meet the requirement.

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As a system administrator, you need to have a better idea to fetch the details of the host bus adapter. The major query for server admins especially new entrants is how to find wwn in aix, how to check hba speed in aix, how to check HBA firmware version in AIX etc.

These questions are not only for AIX same question is there for all major UNIX Linux or even windows server admins also.

I have already shared similar posts related to HBA for Redhat Linux and Solaris operating systems. If you are working on Solaris and Linux also you can check them from the below links provided for your convenience.

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How to find HBA details and WWN in Solaris and Linux

You will have a fair idea of WWN management. Let us focus on AIX. Before mentioning I will share four really good and very vast aix command-line utility which you may be aware of but I am 100% sure you must be not using it with too many options.

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Everyone knows that UNIX and Linux are all about commands while all commands are developed with a specific objective so all are important at their own time and need. But these commands are really helpful and must know command-line tools for SA who manage AIX Servers.

4 Very Important AIX Device Management Commands

As I mention let us list them out. I will just mention commands with syntax and their switches keeping in view the time and length of the post.

First:  lsdev command in AIX
2nd:    prtconf command in AIX
Third:  lscfg command in AIX
Fourth: fcstat command in AIX

lsdev command in AIX

lsdev command in AIX is a combination of two words list and devices named as lsdev. It is used for listing devices on the system. The syntax for lsdev is as below.

# lsdev [ -C ][ -c Class ] [ -s Subclass ] [ -t Type ] [ -f File ] [
-F Format | -r ColumnName ] [ -h ] [ -H ] [ -l { Name | - } ] [ -p 
Parent ] [ -S State ] [ -x ]

# lsdev -P [ -c Class ] [ -s Subclass ] [ -t Type ] [ -f File ] [ -F
Format | -r ColumnName ] [ -h ] [ -H ] [ -x ]

prtconf command in AIX

Again as the name suggests it is used to print or display system configuration same as prtconf in Solaris. The syntax for the prtconf command in aix is as below.

# prtconf [ -c ] [ -k ] [ -L ] [ -m ] [ -s ] [ -v ]

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lscfg command in AIX

As the name suggests it lists configuration details of the devices installed in the server. Syntax of lscfg is as below.

# lscfg [ -v ] [ -p ] [ -s ] [ -l Name ]

fcstat command in AIX

This command is used to displays fiber channel statistics gathered by the specified Fibre Channel device driver. The syntax for fcstat is as below.

# fcstat [ -z [ -d | -c ] | -d | -e [ -d | -c ] | -c ] Device_Name

The fcstat command displays the statistics gathered by the specified Fibre Channel device driver. You can optionally specify that the device-specific statistics are displayed in addition to the device-generic statistics.

So let us see how we can get the details we are exactly looking for using these commands.

How to find HBA installed on AIX

Step 1: Run the lsdev command as below and grep fcs to filter out fiber card-related information to exactly have only fiber card details.

# lsdev -Cc adapter | grep fcs
fcs0 Available 09-08 FC Adapter
fcs1 Available 09-09 FC Adapter

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How to find HBA WWN in AIX

Step 2: Now we have fiber card details so we can see how we can find them. 

# lscfg -v1 fcs0 |grep Network
Network Address............10000000C96E2898
# lscfg -v1 fcs0 |grep Network
Network Address............10000000C97AB6EB

How to check HBA speed in AIX

Step 3:Now let us see how to check HBA speed in AIX using fcstat.

# fcstat fcs0 |egrep "Port Speed"
Port Speed (supported): 8 GBIT
Port Speed (running): 4 GBIT

How to check HBA firmware version in AIX

Step4: To get firmware version lsmcode command in AIX is designed to displays microcode and firmware levels of the system, adapters, and devices.

In case of any issue, you can run # lsmcode -A command and grep the required detail.

# lsmcode -rd fcs0 -t adapter
# lsmcode -rd fcs1 -t adapter

So finally we have cleared all the queries even though it was related to only one query answer about how to check hba speed in six. I hope you like it. If so please share and comment in case of any query.

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