How to create a veritas file system in solaris

How to create a veritas file system in solaris

Most often work for a system administrator is file system management. VxVM Veritas Volume Manager is utility software from Veritas for file system management as well as multipathing solutions in the build if you do not want to purchase additional software, especially for multipath management to have redundancy from the storage side.

So let’s see one of the main topics in file system management on Solaris running VXVM how to create a veritas file system in solaris.

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Let’s assume we already have a functional disk group name sybase and we need to create /export/home/sybase of 200 GB. The environment is Solaris and VxVM.Considering the fact that the existing disk group has more than 200 GB of free space.


So we know that the disk group is having space to provision a new file system. Let’s go through the procedure on how to create a veritas file system in solaris to be followed.

1.Validate the available free space in the disk group. You can use the below command to get the required information.

# vxassist -g sybase maxsize

This command will display free space in the disk group sybase in MB. Divide the result by 1024 and get available space in the disk group.

2. Create a Veritas Volume in disk group of 200 GB

#  vxassist -g sybase -U fsgen make sybvol 200g

The above command will create a volume name sybvol of 200 GB.

3. Create a File System on the new volume

# mkfs -F vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vx/rdsk/sybase/sybvol

This command will layout the file system with large file support.

4. Create Mount Point and update vfstab for it to remain consistent across reboot.

# mkdir /export/home/sybase
# chmod 755 /export/home/sybase
# chown sybase:sybase /export/home/sybase

5. Mount FS You can mount simply by typing mountall or manual mount command. See below for detail.

# mountall 
# mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/sybase/sybvol /export/home/sybase

6. Validate

# df -h /export/home/sybase

That,s it as of now about the current topic of how to create a veritas file system in solaris.

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