How to setup ASR in AZURE

How to setup ASR in Azure

ASR service in AZURE provides business continuity and disaster recovery solution by keeping business apps up and running, during scheduled or unscheduled breakdowns. ASR manages disaster recovery of on-premises machines and Azure virtual machines, including replication, failover, and recovery.

We are going to discuss here how to setup asr in Azure by replicating it to a different Azure region.

The focus will be on AZURE-to-AZURE. There are Prerequisites you need to meet like below to allow you to configure ASR successfully. You may have this configured already for your subscription or organization if it is not the first setup you are doing.

Site Recovery Vault

site recovery vault needs to be created.1Login to the Azure portal ==> Recovery Services.

1. Click Create a resource ==> Management Tools ==> Backup and Site Recovery.

2. In Name, specify a friendly name to identify the vault. You can set standards for naming conventions based on location to remember it conveniently.

3.Create a resource group or select an existing one. Specify an Azure region.

4.To quickly access the vault from the dashboard, click Pin to dashboard and then click Create.

5.Remember each RSV needs a local cache storage a/c 


Prepare VM hosts for ASR configuration

Create proxy settings for VM’s

For Linux :Create a file “/usr/local/InMage/config/ProxyInfo.conf” with the following information.

For Windows :C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\Config




Note: Where the Address is the proxy hostname (needs to be reachable by the host). ASR mobility agent supports only unauthenticated proxies.

How to enable replication for an Azure VM

1. Log in to the Azure portal at with required privilege roles like VM Contributor and Site Recovery Contributor Role.

2.Click on Recovery Services Vaults from Dashboard. It will display all the RSV configured for your subscriptions. You need to select the appropriate one based on where you want to replicate your VM.

3.You will get below screen where you have to select Replicate.

Replicate Option

4.You will get below configuration wizard where you need to provide source details, virtual machines and replication settings.

Replication Config

Source Configure

   Source                           -> Azure
   Location                         -> East US2 or Central US
   Deployment model                 -> Resource Manager
   Subscription                     -> Your subscription
   Resource Group                   -> Your RSG

Virtual Machine :   Select the virtual machine which you want to replicate.

Replication Settings: Target Location and details. When selecting disks, verify they match source disk type (Premium vs Standard), Cache disk.

Target Configuration

Finally Enable Replication

Job gets started to enable replication for the VM. Monitor the job progress till completion.

Job Monitoring

This is all about how to setup ASR in AZURE or how to setup and configure ASR in AZURE.