5 Most Used NLP Programmed Tools And Their Benefits
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5 Most Used NLP Programmed Tools And Their Benefits

NLP is another step towards close human-machine interaction. Today we produce a lot of data while interacting with applications and communicating with others.

The best way to make use of data is through data science and Artificial intelligence. The best example of AI is in the form of NLP

Natural language processing is the innovation of today. For example, with the help of AI, content writing and blogging tools are being programmed to proceed with real human language.

These tools have undoubtedly trebled your productivity and marked high standards of your success. Most of the frivolous tasks are taken by devices and tools, relieving you of some responsibilities.

Let’s see how NLP tools have revolutionized our world and have changed the paradigms of Human-machine interaction.

What is NLP?

Owing to the increasing sophistication in technology, machines are becoming more and more intelligent. They have become artificially intelligent and due to AI technology and are now learning to understand our language.

NLP or Natural Language Processing is a field where machines have reached the level to understand human written and verbal language.

It is a branch of AI that deals with language and linguistics. Its models are based on human language learning capability.

By equalizing the brain with a computer, we can use NLP to determine neural networks and language connections easily.

We in our daily like communicate with each other through language. It is intuitive to understand each other’s language and to perform our daily tasks accordingly.

Let’s say, when your boss directs you some guidelines or asks something, you immediately act to proceed with the result because you understand what she says.

This two-way understanding does not need any medium to help each other understand things better if both the communicators understand the same language.

With that said, computer and human interaction have not been the same since the time of its creation. The computer uses its machine language to interpret any data we give to it.

 Therefore, we needed computer high-level languages to communicate with it and to solve our problems. Different interpreter programs act in the middle to translate and carry away the information to the computer.

But now we have tweaked these devices with machine learning to understand our language directly and with great precision.

This up-gradation of technology refers to Natural language Processing. With the advent of Big data, deep learning, and machine learning, we can create such tools and devices for our sake.

5 Most Important NLP Tools With Benefits

If you are a tech enthusiast looking for novel devices and gadgets, then you may know the availability of NLP tools already.

Perhaps, you want to know the best tools so that you can use them in your work. Below are some of the best NLP tools for you.

Paraphrasing Tool

It is a tool that takes up your written text and rewords it to produce a new version of the text through NLP. This tool has a large library that fetches and replaces the exact synonyms in your text.


Benefits Of Paraphrasing Tool

  • Unlike most paraphrasers, the NLP-based tool adjusts works naturally focusing on the context of the text.
  • These tools are used by content writers, bloggers, students, and other people associated with the writing field.
  • They revamp existing content to make it more unique and appealing for the readers, so they use this tool to rewrite the human-like text.
  • An NLP rephrase tool is continuously learning and updating its algorithms similar to a human brain so it gives different paraphrasing results each time to rephrase the same text.
  • In this way, it helps you remove plagiarism because it rewrites a text creatively.
  • Besides, simple and advanced mode, the paraphrasing tool has an AI mode with three sub-modes:
        • Fluency
        • Standard
        • Creative

         Each mode can give NLP paraphrased text of 5000 characters every time you

          use it.

  • Thus it makes your content SEO-friendly and also checks keywords in your text.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it is free of cost.

Image To Text Converter

Based on OCR, this tool scans your image and extracts text from it into a digital form. Due to its reliance on NLP, it vows to provide you with a clear and correct syntax of your text.


Benefits Of Image To Text Converter

  1. Unlike ordinary image-to-text converters, this NLP-based tool uses AI algorithms in its processing stage.
  2. IT uses the feature extraction technique which is basically the NLP technique to scan the feature of your text and predict the missing features to write text into digital form.
  3. No matter what type of fonts your image uses, it can understand your text and extract it in your favorite format.
  4. Therefore, NLP OCR is best for handwriting extraction.

Amazon Comprehend

Comprehend is an online tool that analyzes your text to valuable insights from it. It checks the major lines of your text and does sentimental analysis of your text to get marketing-related information for the web.


Benefits Of Amazon Comprehend

  1. It analyses unstructured data across the web and helps you calibrate your marketing strategy.
  2. Sentimental analysis of reviews tells whether your product is worthwhile or needs improvement.
  3. When you have a collection of articles on your website and you do not know which article is most read and which is the least one, you can use these tools to organize a collection of text.
  4. This tool also helps you to recognize the specific terminology of the text used in the article so that you get to know the type of niche and industry for which it is written.

Grammar Checker

As the name suggests, these tools take care of all the grammatical mistakes but the use of NLP further enhances the incorporation of tone and quality of your text.grammer-checker

Benefits Of Grammer Checker

  1. The most important benefit of this tool is that it can check all the writing niches whether it is for the web or academic writing.
  2. Most grammar checkers do not check the tone and flow of your text but this NLP checker checks how much your text is consistent.
  3. Sometimes these NLP checkers auto-edit your text without checking each line manually.
  4. As these tools are based on NLP so they have a large library that gives the right use of the word.

Jarvis Blog Writer

It is also an AI-based tool that uses NLP to write a blog or an article on any niche automatically. You don’t even need to write titles. Other AI blog writer tools like writesonic, wordAIRYTR  also serve the same purpose. You can refer top 3 best ai article generator tools.


Benefits From Jarvis Blog Writer

  1. Although it is in its initial stages, this automatic blog writer is close to an accurate blog post automatically.
  2. This NLP tool uses machine learning algorithms to fetch information from its database and arrange it like humans.
  3. It is especially helpful when you are facing writer’s block and are not finding any words to pour down on the screen.
  4. Moreover, it is calibrated to provide marketing-related content such as sales copy and SEO-oriented blogs.
  5. You can even break the shell of language and can create content in multiple languages using NLP.


That`s it about 5 Most Used NLP Programmed Tools And Their Benefits for this post. It was quite hard to render manual work every time you want to communicate with computer applications. Because you need to be adept in computer languages to tell the computer your requirements.

However, with the above NLP tools and many others, you can increase your productivity each time you use them.