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Top 3 Best AI Article Generator Tools 2021

Artificial Intelligence Industry was of worth USD 4 Billion in 2017 and expected to be USD 57 Billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 40.16%.In this article we are going to share top 3 best AI Article Generator 2021.

A standard AI Article Generator is a content generation tool that uses the latest artificial intelligence and natural language models to improve your copywriting process using machine learning,

What Is AI Article Generator?

A sophisticated AI Article Generator is a content generation tool that uses the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language models to improve your copywriting process.

How Does AI Content Generator Works?

You just need to put your info to write and rest everything will be taken care by these AI software. You could write blog posts or even ads, heading generator etc.

Once AI system receives instructions, it generates content based on the parameters passed by you specially the keywords you put as instructions. Usually it fetch contents from around the web and produces a new plagiarism-free version of the same.

This have been proven by many companies that AI Article Generators are really helpful in creating more contents compared to human based article generation experts or you can say article generator experts with a good quality that helps companies strategy to grow their brands.

Content have been always the king and AI Article Generators is going to rule the content generation industry which have been already trending.

7 Reasons Why Should We Use AI Content Generator Tools?

There are many reasons why marketers and copywriters might can use AI copywriting tools. There are many self-explanatory advantages like below.

  • AI copywriting efficiently saves time.
  • AI copywriting tools analyzes data quicker than humans can, resulting it can instantly generate full articles.
  • 24/7 Availability. Content Generation can be continued while you are at sleep.
  • Very Easy & Convenient
  • No hassle of searching and hiring content righter which may be too complicated for big organization due to too many policy and procedures to be followed.
  • Less Expansive Overall.
  • No Dead End for Content Ideas. You will never exhausted with content idea.

How AI Can Improve Your Content Marketing Stretegy?

Fill Out Your Content Calendar.Refresh, repurpose, syndicate, or manually blog posts to maximize the impact of your content.

Diversify Your Marketing Copy.Create multiple variations of any campaign to optimize your copy and messaging.

Brainstorm And Beat Writer`s Block. Come up with multiple unique ways to build on and communicate your ideas.

Clarify and Clean Up Content.Refine wordy content and remove spelling and grammer errors to improve overall content quality.

AI Article Generators Drawbacks

Each and Every Tools Have Some Shorts of Disadvantage so as AI copywriting Tools as well.

1. Missing Originality

Even though AI technology is quite impressive, AI copywriting tools don’t write anything truly original.IT is always grabs from mix of content always available on Web and try to present in new form using synonyms .It may be plagiarism free.

2. Lack of Emotions

AI content generator tools produces great copy, but these content lacks human emotion. Emotion matters in marketing because it connects with clients. When it comes to consumer buying behavior, feelings are more influential than any other variable, so you should try to invoke emotion through your content.

You might not find AI copywriting helpful for crafting those more emotive posts that need a personal touch and true creative thought.

3. Human Readability

It usages vocabularies to replace words to make it plagiarism  free which make these contents difficult to read for normal human being so it lacks emotions as well.

Although the generated contents makes grammatical sense, but it is always recommended to proofread the copy to identify any incorrect phrases and awkward wording.

Let’s explore top 3 best AI Content Generator Tools you can give a chance to see which one is best suitable according to your requirements.

Top 3 Best AI Content Generation Tools 2021

1. Writesonic

At the moment, one of the greatest AI-based Content Generators available. From landing sites to Facebook advertisements, Writesonic can help you create practically anything you need. Writesonic is well-designed to increase your chances of achieving high search engine rankings.


Simply choose a template and write a few words of description to ensure correctness, and Writesonic will do the rest. It will provide you a variety of copy samples from which to choose.

Simply explore the options and choose the one that best suits your needs. Please proofread it and add a personal touch if necessary, and you’re done.

For example, writing original non-plagiarized content is difficult and time-consuming, but with Writesonic, you can overcome the true barrier of conducting research before writing because tools will handle everything for you. A fantastic addition to your content strategy.

Here are a few examples of landing page copy created with Writesonic’s AI-powered landing page copy generator.

writesonic page builder


Writesonic provides you with some free credits that you may use to develop sample work in order to gain real-world experience and gauge the quality of content you will receive.

So you may try out their tool before committing to one of their paying plans. That seems reasonable to me. If your needs change from month to month, you can pay-as-you-go with Cloud Services Offers rather than purchasing a monthly subscription. So pay as you go and get the maximum return on your investment from their product.


They have two platform to offer. Marketing Platform & Writing Platform.

They are having three pricing tiers in each platform. In both they have option of both monthly and yearly. Prices will definitely go down if you are using yearly plans.


Marketing Platform consists Starter, Professional and Business plan while Writing Platform have Essential, Growth & Plus Plan. You can refer to their Pricing plans which will give you exact idea about the services what you will get in which plan.

Limited Time Offer in Progress to Avail. Take Free Trial Test It and Go For It If You Are Looking For AI Content Writer Tools As of Now. Use “SONIC 55” Coupon Code to Get 55% Off on All their plan. If you are not sure just start with Monthly Plan and Cancel if it does not fit to your content strategy. You are the best judge against your requirement.

2. WordAI

WordAI is highly quick and easy to use. Simply insert your material, click rewrite, and WordAi will rewrite an entire piece of content for you in a matter of seconds.

WordAI offers content writers as well as SEO solutions. Using AI, you can create content 10X faster. Use AI to create more high-quality, engaging content that will keep your clients coming back for more.


Enter one high-quality article and receive complete, high-quality, unique articles ready to sell in seconds. Each rewrite you make will be unique and valuable in its own right, just like your original.

Boost Your Productivity and Earnings. So what are you waiting for? Begin your risk-free 3-day trial today!.

SEO Solutions from WordAI

To achieve the maximum ROI, you can use WordAI SEO services. Spend less, produce more, and rise in the rankings. Produce more high-quality, ready-to-rank content for a fraction of the money that would otherwise be required.

Human Quality at a Fraction of the Price. Content must appear high-quality to algorithms while still providing value to users. The human quality rewrites created by WordAI will rank your content, engage your audience, and pass any manual reviews. You may relax knowing that your site’s ranks are long-lasting.

There will be no penalties if there is duplicate content .Each rewrite is unique according to WordAI’s technology, which eliminates plagiarism and duplicate content. Increase the effect of any piece of material without having to worry about duplication.


Rytr is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant that can help you generate high-quality material in a matter of seconds and for a fraction of the cost!.

A 10x faster method to compose Emails, Blogs, Facebook Ads, SEO Titles, Product Descriptions, Interview Questions, Testimonials & Reviews, Landing Page Copies, Story Plots, Taglines & Headlines, Instagram Posts, and more. Marketers and professionals adore it.


Create fantastic stuff with ease. Never be stuck for words again – auto-generate snappy, creative, and high-converting copy in popular tones and languages in seconds, from blogs to emails to ad copy. Simply choose a use case, add some context, and your copy is ready!

In only three steps, you can save and write content that converts.

  1. Select a Use-Case.
  2. Include some context information.
  3. Rytr writes for you in a beautiful way.

That`s it about our top 3 best ai article generator tools 2021 .Review them as per your requirements and decide which one you like that fits into your need and budget.


AI copywriting tools can help you grow your content generation and reach your business goals, whether you’re a digital marketer or a busy copywriter.They’re simple to learn and use, and they produce natural, engaging writing to match your content requirements.

Because each AI copywriting tool is a little different, it’s best to try out a few free trials before committing to a purchase based on suitability and, of course, affordability to get the most out of these tools.You’ll acquire a better understanding of how the tools work and which one best supports your business strategy this way.