Text Summarization Using Natural Language Processing
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Text Summarization: Working, Benefits, and Usage to Write in Short


Text Summarization

Text summarization has become a necessity for packaging voluminous information into concise, comprehensive, and readable chunks. We live in the age of advanced technology, and the way we consume information is changing accordingly.

The amount of content on websites is limitless, and it’s growing rapidly. The problem is that people aren’t finding the relevant information they’re looking for. They get tired when they have to dig deeper into a lot of content to find the details they want on a topic.

Text summarization is the solution because it guides readers to the right information without them having to spend hours skimming through layers of text.

You may have seen the conclusion and wrap-up paragraphs at the end of a post, which is also called the summary of the article. The purpose of writing a summary at the end of a post reflects the core idea with optimal readability.

It is easy to write a summary manually but it takes more time and there’s also the chance to skip some key points in it. Here, an online text summarizer tool can be much more useful. It is a more time and energy-efficient approach to condense a large amount of content into a few paragraphs.

What is a Text Summarization Tool?

Text summarizers are online tools that compress large amounts of material into compact and easily digestible texts. They make it easier for readers to understand difficult concepts by focusing on the most important components of each topic.

Writing concise summaries of your articles on websites or blogs is a good approach to attract more readers. By providing summaries, you can give your readers the main idea so they can find out if the articles are useful for them or not.

How Does Text Summarization Work?

Online summarization tools are easy to work with, and you can use them to create a perfect summary of your article.

Using a summary tool is as easy as you think.

You copy, paste or upload the article into the input window and the tool creates a compact summary in no time.

Behind the scenes, it uses a complex and extensive mechanism to generate a good summary of your material. Most summary generator tools use NLP (Natural Language Processing).

There are two main techniques that are usually used by text summarization tools for creating summaries. These techniques include ‘extractive’ summarization and ‘abstractive’ summarization.

Extractive Summarization Technique

The technique of summarizing based on extraction is simple. To create a summary, key terms and phrases are extracted from the original text and summarized.

No rephrasing or synonyms are used in this summarization approach. Typically, words are removed and slightly modified to preserve sentence structure. No doubt, it’s easier to summarize when there are no synonyms or rephrasing techniques involved.

Extractive summarization tools simply use multiple algorithms to generate a summary by combining different words and texts altogether.

Abstractive Summarization Technique

The abstraction-based summarization process is relatively more challenging than the simpler extraction-based approach. It finds the most important part of a sentence and replaces it with suitable replacement sentences in a paper. The result is a completely new text, but its meaning is identical to that of the original.

Therefore, it’s a challenge to find suitable replacements and rewrites while retaining the original meaning.

Online summary generator tools that use abstractive techniques to generate summaries employ machine learning and artificial intelligence in their algorithms thus providing more creative and accurate results.

How to Use a Text Summarizing Tool?

Text summarizing tools are easy to use and they can save you a substantial amount of time and effort.

Here are some steps that you can follow for text summarization using an online tool:

  • Choose a trusted online summarizer tool. (Below are the steps for the one that we picked for this process. The working is generally similar for all summarizing tools.)
  • Copy paste or upload the text in its input window

Text Summarization tool

  • Choose the summary length
  • You can also choose the language in which you want to generate a summary
  • Solve the ReCaptcha
  • Tab on ‘’Summarize now’’
  • The summary will be generated in listicle and the best lines format

Text Summarization image

  • You can either copy the summary to use in your document or download it directly

What are the Benefits of Using Text Summarization?

It’s become common to use text summaries to make the material more understandable. However, text summarization has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of text summarization are as follows:

Make Long Texts Easy to Understand

One of the most important advantages of text summarization is that you can summarize long documents into short texts that can be easily understood by readers, which leads to better retention of the information.

Helps Memorizes the Important Information

Text summarization helps readers remember the important information because they get a summarized version of the complete article in one place. This makes it easier for them to recall and find what they learned while still memorizing all of its key points and concepts. As a result, readers will find it easy to digest all of the information even though they may not understand everything at first glance.

Saves Time

Text summarization saves time because it can be done using an online summary generator tool within seconds instead of hours. This means that you can focus on more important tasks instead of spending time summarizing documents. 

Boosts Work Efficacy

Text summarization is an effective means for enhancing productivity because it helps users recall important information more quickly and efficiently than they could otherwise by reading through lengthy documents line by line.

Enhance Reader’s Interest

Finally, text summaries have the power to arouse readers’ interest. When people read shorter summaries rather than longer texts, they spend less time on each part of the longer content and therefore grab more information. This leads to higher levels of reader engagement.

Final words

Text summarization has gained prominence as a way to pack up larger amounts of content into smaller chunks to make them more readable and understandable, and to save time.

It’s becoming increasingly popular among people who deal with large amounts of text in their daily routine.

As mentioned earlier, there are two methods for text summarization: extractive and abstract techniques. An AI-powered summarization tool works with abstract technology and creates a summary that is as good as that of a professional writer.