how to fix failover service group in vcs


In this article, we are going to see how to fix the failover service group in vcs. If you have a failover group and become online or partially online on another node in the cluster. We can adopt the below-mentioned procedure to make the service group online on the needed node in the cluster.

How to fix if SG is online on another node in VCS 

# hastatus -sum 

This will show a summary of resources and shows that failover SG is online on another system. In case if you have any working previously saved hastatus -sum output which will really help to understand the difference. You can run the below command to see the difference here.

# sdiff hastatus-sum.before hastatus-sum.current

Now you can run the below command to validate the value of the state attribute.

# hagrp –display <SG>                  # Look for State Attribute

Then you can make a service group offline in the current node and make them online in the primary node of the cluster where it is supposed to be online.

# hagrp -offline <SG> -sys linsrv01 # Offline SG on other system.
# hagrp -online <SG> -sys linsrv02  # Online SG to Fail over system.
# hastatus -sum                  #Validate the SG status of cluster

That,s it about how to fix if a failover service group is online on another system.

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